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Five hundred plus years after Gutenberg conceived the idea for movable type (1452), technological improvements have created an integrated industry for print, design and communications that  has revolutionized commerce. A hungry market existed for print information. We now have access to fast publishing - even self publishing.

Wow! Here come the 1980’s and the advent of “desktop publishing”. Everyone with a computer is sitting & watching AutoSketch draw graphics line by line and hour by hour. Ho hum!

In the 21st. Century most professional graphic designers own their own equipment, work at home, and handle huge amounts of design projects on multi- gigabyte or terra-byte laptop computers. Top echelon designers are very competitive and produce designs on a fine-art level. Virtually every aspect of life is influenced and dependent upon good design.

eraserhead is the newest incarnation of an artist working professionally since 1984. An artist you know and a company you can trust ... with services you can afford.

Your Website is one of the lynchpins of a successful business enterprise. eraserhead’s artist was one of the first in this area to create and publish a comprehensive website. 

Content management, research and composition for page text is a speciality of eraserhead.

The goal is for sites to have clear graphics, fast loads and ease of navigation from page to page. Basic web sites start with three pages for new businesses and can expand at the same rate as your business grows and expands.

Need to sell some overstocked merchandise? List it on one of our Online Stores. Save yourself the time and hassle, we will take care of all the details.

Direct Mail is another method to stimulate business. We can design and write your direct mail pieces for  post or e-mail.

Build your business with a Graphic Email Newsletter program. Color is the dynamic medium here. Combine  images-with-impact and clear text to draw clients to your business.

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OK!  Your name is in Print, you have a Web presence, and you’re telling the story with a colorful  E-newsletter. It’s time to really Impress your business associates with a professionally designed presentation, perhaps using PowerPoint. Today’s PowerPoint is not your Grandma’s. Use your text and illustrations or draw from our thousands of designs in a huge Design Library.

Presentations should be carefully researched for data accuracy and illustrations that are up-to-date. A Creative Writer can turn a blah-blah talk into a rah-rah speech that your audience will remember.

Image is Everything! So, you want your specifications custom designed. Whether you are fundraising, teaching, delivering an annual report or an inspirational message ... You want to look your best.

We can call on professionals who will energize any audience from single appearances to seminars or continuing education. You don’t have to look for an event planner, call us first.

“Have no fear of perfection--you'll never reach it.”
Salvador Dali

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Web site development by eraserhead. For information on web site creation by eraserhead email    eraserheadgraphics@gmail.com  We do better, but cheaper.

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